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June 11, 2024  |   Posted In Uncategorized

Tolar Manufacturing delivers 50 new shelters to Stanislaus County, California

Corona, CA — Fifty new Signature Sunset Bus Shelters have been delivered and installed in Stanislaus County as part of an agreement between StanRTA and Tolar Manufacturing Company, North America’s leader in the design and fabrication of award-winning transit shelters. The 8-ft to 16-ft long shelters feature amenities including comfortable seating, solar lighting, and trash receptacles and were procured utilizing the MBTA/CALACT purchasing catalog.

“The new Tolar shelters have a modern and stylish design, and the addition of solar lights has significantly improved safety for our StanRTA passengers,” said Adam Barth, CEO, StanRTA, “We are grateful to Tolar for offering CalACT pricing, which streamlined the procurement process and helped us save on overhead costs. Throughout the entire process, Tolar’s customer service was consistently responsive and accessible, making for a positive experience.”

Tolar delivered  8’, 12’ and 16’ Sunset shelters, selected by StanRTA to meet the needs of their riders. The shelters are made with polycarbonate roof panels featuring a Sunset radius design for optimal coverage and a minimal footprint. They also feature a super durable baked powder coat custom color matched to the agency’s specifications. Amenities include aluminum framed Mesa benches with HDPE slats, 20-gallon post-mount aluminum trash receptacles and dusk-to-dawn solar powered illumination systems providing riders with a comfortable and secure experience.

The shelters were purchased using the MBTA/CALACT catalog, a purchasing solution developed by Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) with California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT) and Tolar Manufacturing Company. The catalog allows CALACT member agencies of all sizes to leverage the collective membership of the organization to expedite purchases by utilizing state and local funding. The catalog provides procurement opportunities for extensive shelter options, including Tolar’s Signature Sunset series, among other amenities such as benches, information displays, solar solutions, and other options.

“The MBTA/CALACT catalog is a great resource for agencies throughout California looking to receive shelters quickly. It demonstrates the power of innovation and cooperation, allowing more agencies to provide an improved experience at agency bus stops,” said Patrick Merrick, Executive Vice-President of Tolar Manufacturing.  “StanRTA is a great example of how to leverage this resource so effectively, while quickly making a difference for riders in Stanislaus County.” 

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