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May 2, 2015  |   Posted In

Transforming Public Space to Create a Sense of Place

Thoughtful and strategic design can transform bland community bus stops that have no relation to their surroundings into welcome fixtures that not only help to attract and grow transit ridership, but signal to transit riders, pedestrians and non-riders alike that they are an integral part of their community.

A well-lit, well-designed transit bus shelter, featuring ample seating, prominent route information, useful accessories and design elements that reflect the community helps create in users a true sense of place and even ownership.

Research completed by the Project for Public Spaces ( concludes that, while transit agencies focus on shelters that have low maintenance costs and are resistant to vandalism, riders increasingly want a safe, clean space with good visibility, easy access to the bus, and clear and accurate transit information.

“This report mirrors the focus that our team places daily on providing inviting, well-lit, and distinctive passenger amenity solutions to the communities we are fortunate enough to serve,” said Tolar Manufacturing’s Executive Vice President Patrick Merrick.

“We recognize that many transit riders start their day in a transit shelter before they board the bus to work, school or wherever they are headed. They deserve to spend that time in a comfortable, welcoming space that reflects their community and gives them a sense of ownership,” Patrick continued.

Examples of recent Tolar projects that a reflection of community place making include:

Downey, CA
Temple City, CA
Topeka, KS
Atlanta, GA

The Tolar Manufacturing team is proud of the work we do creating transit shelter solutions that reflect the communities in which they are installed. Let us show you how we can help your agency create a true sense of place at bus shelters in your community.

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