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The Faces of Tolar Manufacturing – Carlos Garcia

Meet Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is proud to be an immigrant. “I immigrated to the United States in 1999 from Guatemala. From the beginning, I have been surrounded by wonderful people who have been very kind to me.” Carlos became a United States citizen in 2018. “Ever since becoming a citizen of the United States I have felt a deep sense of commitment towards my community and my country.”

Carlos’ educational background includes electrical and electronic engineering and metallurgy. He’s particularly skilled at design techniques that utilize metal welded connections, which is so important in the manufacturing of safe, reliable and durable street furniture and bus shelters.

As a Senior Design Engineer for Tolar Manufacturing Company, Carlos feels a sense of pride knowing that he is doing meaningful work to help people travel throughout their communities in North America. In his role, Carlos creates illustrations that help fabricators translate architectural concepts into real street furniture, bus shelters and displays. Importantly, he, along with Tolar’s team of design engineers, ensures that materials from steel to glass to thermoplastic polymers are able to be formed, cut and joined to make outdoor structures of durability and distinction that reflect the character of the community in which they reside.

What I like most about my job

Carlos notes that most of the projects he works on are custom in nature.  He says contributing to how a community connects its citizens through its public infrastructure and being able to help that community do so with distinctive designs that fit within the greater scale of the surrounding area is very rewarding. “To think that what I am designing now with the Tolar team will become a part of a city’s history and on a larger scale part of the fabric of our country is so awe inspiring to me. This truly is the part of my job that I reflect on and enjoy most.”

On the personal side

Carlos Garcia is an avid cyclist. “My daily cycling commute is 31 miles round trip.” Carlos finds that commuting alone on his bicycle allows him time to think about work and life. He find himself gathering his thoughts for the work day ahead while also reflecting on himself as a person. “This time allows me to focus on what I can do to be a better husband, father, and human being.”  He says he also finds himself solving design challenges on his bicycle where his head is clear.

“Commuting by bike allows me to more closely observe, understand, and appreciate my community.” Carlos says that this is one of the things that he would love for his daughter to inherit from him — to be able to appreciate nature, treasure her health, and enjoy each moment of life as it rolls by — because as Carlos says, “Life is made of little moments connected together by two wheels and the open road.” By his calculations, Carlos saves the Earth annually from 5,115 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide. He’s also accumulated over $630 in fuel savings!

Closing Thoughts . . .

“As I look at the work I’m doing here at Tolar Manufacturing, I feel more connected with my country and integrated into society, which is especially important to me as an immigrant.”