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August 23, 2023  |   Posted In Uncategorized

NCDOT-listed bus shelters delivered in North Carolina

Tolar Manufacturing Company delivers NCDOT-listed and approved bus shelters to Jacksonville Transit in North Carolina

Tolar Manufacturing Company, North America’s leader in the design and fabrication of award-winning transit shelters, has delivered 12 Niagara Series bus shelters to the City of Jacksonville, North Carolina, adding to a decade’s worth of Tolar-built shelters supplied to the city. The shelters are NCDOT-listed and approved meeting the stringent Product Evaluation Program (PEP) state standards for North Carolina.

“Our team has worked hard to design and fabricate shelters that meet and exceed NCDOT’s Product Evaluation Program” said Scott Williams, Business Development Manager for Tolar Manufacturing Company. “From Jacksonville to Greensboro to Charlotte, Tolar-built NCDOT-approved bus shelters are providing comfort and safety across North Carolina. We’re very proud of this accomplishment.”

Bus shelters connect people with communities. For daily public transit passengers, the stop at which they start their trip becomes a comfortable, well-known safe place where they begin their day while waiting for the bus to connect them to their destination. The Niagara Series shelters delivered to Jacksonville feature some of the most critical amenities passengers seek – weather-protecting roofs and side walls, solar lighting for security, restful benches, enclosed map cases for ease of identifying travel information, and shelter-mounted trash receptacles providing a clean environment. Tolar Manufacturing has also designed and built 10- and 12-foot sign posts to be paired with the shelters throughout the city for ease of bus stop identification for passengers and bus operators.

“Tolar has been an excellent partner since 2016. They provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price and that is why they have, and will continue to be, Jacksonville’s preferred shelter supplier for years to come,” Anthony Prinz, Transportation Services Director.

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