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January 24, 2023  |   Posted In


These 10-ft Signature Sunset bus shelters are installed near the Texas Southern University (TSU) campus in Houston, TX.

The shelters feature all aluminum construction 1/8-in roof panels secured with gasketed pressure ribs and supported by custom Sunset aluminum extrusion roof beam and posts with internally telescoping adjustable leveling shoes and decorative spun aluminum escutcheon covers. A 6-in aluminum fascia runs along the roof front with custom branding. Perforated aluminum metal panels at the rear and upstream half end wall are accompanied by a flat back-to-back standard advertising kiosk with two-sided hinged doors. An aluminum logo disk further portrays school branding on the half end wall. All metal parts are finished in super durable baked powder coat custom color matched to surrounding street furniture. Power is supplied through electrical access at the left rear post to provide dusk-to-dawn LED security lighting in shelter roof.

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