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Riverside, California


Tolar Manufacturing Company fabricated Bus Rapid Transit shelters to support Riverside Transit Agency’s new RapidLink express buses between Riverside and Corona.

Tolar Signature Custom 17′ BRT transit shelter located in Riverside, California featuring aluminum roof panels, raised decorative battens, support posts with decorative scroll and integrated map case, escutcheon covers, dusk-to-dawn UL listed LED illumination, agency branding with solar-powered backlit signage, station location identifier and perforated metal bench.


The City of Riverside is located in southern California and is in Corona-based Tolar Manufacturing Company’s backyard. Named for its location beside the Santa Ana River, Riverside is the most populous city in the Inland Empire.

Founded in the early 1870s, Riverside paved the way for California’s citrus industry. Surrounded by mountains and home to over 300,000 people, the city’s thriving educational institutions, multitude of parks and outdoor spaces, and varied business industries provides something for everyone.

Whether heading to Riverside’s vibrant downtown or home to one of its 28 neighborhoods, Riverside Transit Agency, covers the community’s nearly 82 square miles.

A Word from our Founder

“Our company’s core values of openly listening to the needs of our clients while leaning into our strengths in flexibility and versatility of design and structure ensures that we successfully execute on our client’s vision while delivering durable shelters of distinction,” said Tolar Manufacturing founder and president Gary Tolar.

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