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San Diego, California


For almost three decades Tolar Manufacturing Company has been fabricating bus shelters, street furniture, and digital advertising solutions for the city of San Diego.

Currently, Tolar Manufacturing is in a multi-year contract to design and supply transit shelters and advertising benches for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). Under this contract 600 shelters and 1,800+ benches are being produced over the next five years and will be installed in communities within the MTS service area.

“MTS is making a huge investment in its amenities for passengers” said Paul Jablonski, CEO of MTS. “It is extremely important to us and to the cities in which we provide service that our street furniture is aesthetically pleasing, functional and long lasting. Getting maximum value for our investment is also important. After competitive bids, Tolar products best delivered on all of those attributes.”


MTS’ transit shelters are being custom designed based on Tolar’s Signature Sunset series. The shelters feature MTS custom branding, solar powered illumination, weather and sun protective roofs, damage-resistant seating, large easy-to-read transit information displays, and architectural accent strips.


This project is being led by an award-winning Tolar team including, project design engineer Ernest Romero, quality control supervisor David Can Eyk and production manager Gabriel Guzman who work diligently on a daily basis to provide amenities that create a true Sense of Place™ for transit riders and the residents of San Diego and its surrounding communities, as well as for other projects across North America.


The majority of the Signature Sunset series shelters provided under this contract are powered by solar power. Utilizing flexible photovoltaic panels to charge the batteries, the beautiful San Diego sun powers safety lighting under the shelter roof, the two sided media display kiosk as well as the LED branding strips on the shelter posts.  And on those occasional less than sunny San Diego days, the project engineers at Urban Solar Corp have engineered sufficient system capacity for the illumination to continue to perform.


Located in the southwestern corner of California along the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is the state’s second largest city.

Known for an ideal climate San Diego is an attractive year-round tourist destination with beautiful sandy beaches along 70 miles of shoreline, numerous park and recreation areas, major attractions, and a vast arts and culture scene perfect for taking in a theater performance or art exhibit.

From the bay to the foothills, San Diego has a population of approximately 1.3 million. Across the city, from the urban heart to the scenic communities, San Diego’s residents are served by the Tolar bus shelters, benches, and informational kiosks.

San Diego has remained a valued Tolar client for the company’s entire 28-year history.

A Word from our Founder

“With our company now in its 28th year, it’s timely to be building even more transit shelters for San Diego,” commented Gary Tolar, founder and president of Tolar Manufacturing. “Back in 1991 one of our very first contracts was to fabricate 300 bus shelters for an outdoor advertising company within the San Diego market and now here we are 28 years later continuing to provide bus stop solutions for the region.”

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