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November 7, 2019  |   Posted In

Tolar Manufacturing Company delivers 15 solar-powered bus shelters and street furniture to Pennsylvania’s South Central Transit Authority

Artist’s rendering of solar-powered bus shelters designed for
South Central Transit Authority
SCTA has option to purchase up to 10 additional bus shelters as part of the multi-year contract

Tolar Manufacturing Company has delivered 15 solar-powered bus shelters to South Central Transit Authority (SCTA) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The shelters are being placed throughout the Authority’s service area, which is served by 93 fixed route buses. The two public transit systems SCTA manages, Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA) in Berks County, PA and Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA) in Lancaster, PA together carry approximately 4.5 million passengers annually. Four of the 15 shelters will be installed in the Reading, Pennsylvania area within the next month.

Based on Tolar Manufacturing’s popular Niagara Shelter series, the bus shelters range in length from 8-feet to 12-feet to accommodate passengers traveling throughout Lancaster and Berks Counties. Each shelter is customized with wind-blocking clear glass walls, and the highly utilized bus stops include media display kiosks with important passenger information. In addition to the integrated benches and post mounted trash bins, all of the shelters will include solar-powered ad kiosk lighting provided by trusted Tolar partner, Urban Solar (, which provides the added effect of ambient lighting for the safety and security of passengers traveling at night.

“Our Niagara series is a perfect fit for the communities served by SCTA,” stated Scott Williams, Business Development Manager for Tolar Manufacturing Company. “This street furniture solution delivers a look that is distinctively unique and will reflect the character of Lancaster, Reading, and the surrounding communities.”

“We are very excited to install new solar-powered bus shelters for our customers.  These shelters will provide the needed illumination for security and visibility, plus reduce our operating costs with free electricity,” David Kilmer, Executive Director. SCTA has the option to purchase 10 additional solar-powered bus shelters over the next year.

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