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December 11, 2018  |   Posted In

Tolar Manufacturing Company builds public art bus shelter for historic Soulsville neighborhood in Memphis

Tolar Manufacturing Company recently completed the fabrication of a Memphis Area Transit Authority bus shelter now installed in the historic Soulsville neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee, on the corner with legendary Stax Records.


“Working on public art transit shelter projects has really become a hallmark of Tolar Manufacturing,” stated Scott Williams, Tolar Manufacturing Business Development Manager. “We understand how to balance design with fabrication ensuring our clients achieve their vision in a durably built, aesthetically pleasing shelter that reflects the character of their community.”

The winning public art design by Cameron McLemore embraces the musical and performing arts legacy of the Soulsville neighborhood. The shelter artwork is the result of a public art competition led by Community Lift, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reviving disinvested neighborhoods in Memphis. “I remember seeing children waiting for the bus in the rain and heat and saying to myself it would be really nice if they had a comfortable shelter for protection. So, I approached Leni Stoeva from Community Lift. She took the idea and ran with it and was instrumental in making this a reality,” commented Isaac Daniel, Memphis Slim Collaboratory Manager.

Tolar Manufacturing successfully integrated Mr. McLemore’s artistic design into a durable 13-foot Tolar Sierra Series shelter that includes an eight-foot perforated metal bench, shade-producing low peak roof, and bright yellow, neighborhood-identifying, “SOULSVILLE” branding emblazed across the rear wall. The addition of the rectangles on the rear wall are reminiscent of equalizer sound bars so important in the music industry. Continuing with the Sense of Place™ created by the transit shelter, the community also added a bike share option to help travelers with first mile, last mile mobility.

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