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Street Furniture

The Tolar Difference

The perfect fit for any community looking to provide comfortable yet durable outdoor street furnishings that create a Sense of Place™ .

Tolar Manufacturing offers the perfect combination of style and sturdiness sure to please your toughest critics. Whether you are looking for schedule holders to complement your Signature Series transit shelter, secure bicycle racks to add value to your BRT/rail series project or you simply seek trash receptacles and benches for your newest public venue, Tolar’s line of outdoor furniture will exceed your expectations.

We offer a variety of designs, a range of standard and custom-branded colors, and the assurance that our product materials are sourced to result in the most well designed, purpose-built street furniture on the market today.


Offering the perfect combination of style and sturdiness.

Tolar’s wide-ranging bench choices and modular designs are sure to please your toughest critics while allowing you to plan your streetscape to deliver optimal functionality, longevity and originality.

Be sure to pair your benches with matching and customized trash receptacles, bicycle security solutions, transit displays and more – all available from Tolar’s Street Furniture series.


Help your cycling passengers with first-mile, last-mile options. Even if your buses have bicycle racks on-board there are peak travel times when a bike simply needs a secure place to be locked when bus racks are at capacity.

Enter Tolar’s bicycle solutions with options including free-standing loops, pedestals, and completely enclosed bike shelters.


Though our society seems to be more technology motivated, newspapers and magazines are still being printed and distributed through out your community – often in mismatched new racks. We can help you create a cohesive look with those unsightly hodge podge of news racks by creating a corral that complements your community’s other street furniture solutions.


Our line of street furniture is unsurpassed in the industry. Our smoking shelters offer the perfect combination of style and sturdiness, blending within your community and creating a Sense of Placefor your citizens.

Choose from completely enclosed or more simple shelter roof options. Pair with our benches, trash receptacles, news racks corrals and more.


Our line of transit displays adds a critical element to your transit shelters – passenger information!

From concept to completion, our experienced team of designers, engineers and fabricators develop displays that house transit maps, schedules and more, that deliver on your message while matching and enhancing the architectural aesthetics of the public space.

We even build transit displays for digital solutions!


You’ve got the weather-protecting transit shelter, the comfortable seating, the important passenger information displays and you have even added revenue-generating advertising options. Don’t forget the trash receptacles and be sure to add a recycling option too. From cylinders to pole mounted to traditional  options – we’ve got your trash covered!

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