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October 8, 2014  |   Posted In

Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc., has been accredited as a Clark County (NV) approved fabricator.

Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc., after a vigorous inspection process, review of our quality control procedures in the areas of sales, engineering, purchasing, process inspection and production, has been accredited as a Clark County (NV) approved fabricator.

Intentionally rigorous, the Clark County certification is one of the most respected in the fabrication industry and most importantly sets the standards that the Tolar Manufacturing team has in place for all projects, no matter where they are geographically.

“I have always stressed to the employees at Tolar, that our value as an organization is gauged by how well we meet the expectations of our clients in our design and execution of a quality product. The Clark County process was selected as the hurdle to achieve because their expectations are high. Conforming with Clark County’s processes in the daily execution of our respective jobs will help us raise the quality of our deliverables to our customers” commented Gary Tolar, company president.

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