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March 17, 2021  |   Posted In

Tolar Manufacturing Company remains committed to the public’s health and safety with anti-bacterial protective coatings for bus stops and street furniture across North America

Corona, CA — Tolar Manufacturing Company continues to provide best-in-class transit shelters and street furniture with community safety as its top priority. In addition to delivering stylish and durable street furniture, Tolar Manufacturing emphasizes community health and safety by providing extra layers of protection, using antibacterial-clear coatings and protective film.

The antibacterial-protected powder coatings are formulated to slowly release silver ions known to prevent bacterial growth on powder-coated surfaces. Silver ions are the chosen solution as broad-spectrum, long-lasting sanitizers that completely destroy medically relevant bacteria and fungi such as molds and yeasts, and also deactivate viruses. Importantly, they provide no danger of creating resistant strains and are nontoxic for external use. This technology’s lasting antibacterial strength minimizes and counters the growth of bacteria on structures, provides high temperature stability, and excellent color retention, supporting Tolar Manufacturing’s efforts to ensure clean bus stops, safe environments, and increased passenger confidence.

“We take pride in being industry leaders when it comes to durability, style and most importantly, keeping communities safe,” commented Patrick Merrick, Tolar Manufacturing’s Executive Vice President. “Now more than ever, we are working diligently to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, to ensure our products exceed our client’s expectations especially as it relates to community health and safety.”

In addition to the company’s antibacterial-clear coatings, Tolar Manufacturing provides protective film solutions to preserve highly utilized surfaces, creating a defensive measure against vandalism, graffiti, and general wear and tear. As a cost-effective solution, these films minimize maintenance costs while ensuring community bus shelters and outdoor street furniture look new, remain clean and feel safe.

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