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Torrance, California


Tolar Manufacturing Company completes the design and fabrication of two high-capacity transit shelters to go along with 27 smaller shelters created for Torrance’s RAPID route.

Tolar Manufacturing Company is working once again in partnership with general contractor, AP Construction, Inc. on a key Southern California transit project. The companies are designing and installing transit shelters for the city of Torrance’s transit division. The project is focused on improving amenities and accessibility along the city’s RAPID route 3, including the design and fabrication of high capacity shelters at the key transit hub located at Del Amo Fashion Center. This contract follows multiple AP Construction projects with Tolar Manufacturing for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the city of Montebello.

With over 200 stores, Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California attracts thousands of visitors and draws a large employee base. The on-site transit hub is the way many travel to and from this premier lifestyle center daily. Guided by the company’s Sense of Place™ philosophy, Tolar Manufacturing has designed and fabricated two, 30-foot, high-capacity transit shelters to help improve the ridership experience for these daily travelers. The shelters are modeled after the company’s distinctively modern Signature Empire series, which emulates the beautiful aesthetics of the surrounding area to reflect the character of the fashion center community.

“Del Amo Fashion Center is accentuated with modern architecture and natural lighting,” stated Patrick Merrick, Executive Vice President for Tolar Manufacturing Company. “Our modern shelter design with its perforated walls allows natural light and air flow to accent these elements. It was great working with the transit team in Torrance who were focused on ensuring this project met the transit needs of their riders.” The transit shelters include high visibility branding, plentiful seating, low-draw LED illuminated media display kiosks, under roof LED security lighting and real-time information signs.

In addition to the Del Amo shelters, Tolar Manufacturing has fabricated 27 smaller shelters from its Empire bus shelter line to be installed along the RAPID route. These shelters are 13-feet in length, portray highly visible route branding, and contain under roof LED security lighting manufactured by trusted Tolar partner, Urban Solar ( Especially significant to bus passengers will be the ultra-efficient, solar-powered, real-time digital passenger information smart signage developed by Way Sine ( Importantly, some of the 27 bus shelters will also include a back-lit media display kiosk for revenue-generating advertising.


A coastal community, the city of Torrance sits in southwestern Los Angeles County with 1.5 miles of beaches and a moderate year-round climate. Torrance, a residential town known for its low crime rates and touch of high-tech industry, is home to the U.S. Headquarters of the Honda Motor Company, the main bakery facility for King’s Hawaiian, and one of the largest malls in the United States, the Del Amo Fashion Center. This mall serves as a main transit hub for the city and is the location of Tolar Manufacturing’s high-capacity customized shelters.

Creating a beautiful streetscape is an important part of Torrance’s public works, with an excess of 500 trees planted every year, providing shade and greenery for the population of approximately 145,000 people.

With a variety of parks, activities and city amenities, Tolar Manufacturing Company’s attractive and functional bus shelters and street furniture complete a true Sense of Place™ in Torrance.

A Word from our Founder

“Del Amo Fashion Center is the sixth largest shopping mall in the United States. Literally thousands of employees and shoppers travel to and from the Fashion Center every day. Our team is honored to have provided the transit shelters as a critical transportation element for daily travelers.”

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