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June 5, 2024  |   Posted In Uncategorized

Sunset “Mini” Shelters offer a unique solution to limited site accessibility

Contract includes manufacture and install of 14 ten-foot shelters in Houston, Texas

Tolar Manufacturing Company, North America’s leader in the design and fabrication of award-winning transit shelters, has entered into an agreement with Greater Southeast Management District to manufacture, deliver, and install 14 new 10-ft Sunset “Mini” bus shelters in Houston, Texas. The shelters have been customized with design solutions to meet accessibility requirements at sites with limited right-of-way access. Eleven of the 14 bus shelters have already been installed in the area, with three more planned to be in place by July 2024.

“The District is about solving problems. Protection from Houston’s temperamental weather is critical for those who travel in, through and around our area using public transportation,” said Nikki Knight, Program Manager, Greater Southeast Management District, “Tolar Manufacturing and our team at The Goodman Corporation were integral in finding a solution to provide adequate coverage for our transit-riders. Keeping folks safe and protected from the elements while traveling is a win we can all be proud of.”

The new Sunset “Mini” shelters feature a full-sized 10-ft Sunset shelter roof over a customized “Mini” base which provides shelter, lighting, and seating on a reduced footprint. This design allows Greater Southeast Management District to place shelters at bus stops where a full-sized shelter is not possible, assisting in their mission to bring more shelters to more locations. Each shelter is equipped with solar-powered LED security lighting overhead and LED accent lighting on the shelter front, along with Greater Southeast Management District branding and logos. Each installation includes an aluminum, 48-inch post-mount Mesa bench and a 20-gallon post-mount aluminum trash receptacle to ensure that riders have a comfortable experience at the bus stop.

“We are pleased to work with Greater Southeast Management District to find new ways to help riders feel comfortable at bus stops,” said Scott Williams, Business Development Manager for Tolar Manufacturing Company. “These shelters offer agencies an opportunity to bring shade and comfort to places where they previously were unable due to space limitations or other site constrictions.”

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