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June 3, 2022  |   Posted In Uncategorized

Tolar Manufacturing Company awarded three-year contract with Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART).

Tolar Manufacturing Company announces newly awarded three-year contract with Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART). The contract continues a multi-year relationship of supplying transit shelters and passenger amenities, customized to meet agency and community needs.

The proposed shelters will include Tolar’s Signature Orion shelters featuring 12-ft by 7-ft and 16-ft by 7-ft nominal roof driplines, fully welded aluminum roof assembly with blade rafters, raised tube cross framing, and decorative flat tube risers with inset end caps and custom Euro aluminum extrusion rear beams. Additionally, both shelter options will include integrated rain gutters and perforated gutter screens. Each shelter will be designed with either 120 volts AC electric or solar-powered capabilities. Tolar was previously awarded a multi-year contract for the Signature Orion shelters. The new agreement includes similar shelter models and includes public art enhancements within the shelter walls.

“Tolar Manufacturing Company is excited to continue a long-standing relationship with DART and looks forward to supporting the Des Moines area community and its ridership efforts,” says Executive Vice President, Patrick Merrick, “It’s important for us to not only provide consistent, practical, and sustainable shelters, but also to provide transit amenities that represent the communities they serve. We commend DART’s appreciation for art and culture and look forward to including custom art glass shelters to highlight the diversity of the community.”

In coordination with a local public art program, four shelters with custom art glass will be included in the first order of transit shelters. The shelters will be designed to house artwork provided by local artists and protected with UV resistant technology. The artwork will bring vibrance and life to communities, using bold and vivid colors of nature, streetscapes, and community.

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