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April 30, 2020  |   Posted In

Heroes Moving Heroes

A visual tour of a few of Tolar Manufacturing Company’s valued clients helping their communities during COVID-19.

This visual tour is dedicated to our industry’s essential workers. Thank you!

We have always appreciated the work of our valued Tolar clients………… 

These times however are uncharted, and extreme. The extraordinary efforts being made every day by our world’s essential workers and service providers is truly commendable. Our hats are off to all of you, with an extra special heartfelt thank you to our industry’s essential transit workers, from bus and rail operators, to mechanics, dispatchers, staff and so many more.

As is being said every day, transit employees across the country are truly HEROES MOVING HEROES!

As a tribute, we created this visual tour featuring a few of our valued Tolar clients and the amazing efforts they are making across the United States, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Dallas to Denver, and Livermore to Austin to Jacksonville. This is a small example of what the transit industry is doing to help their local communities.

We also would like to recognize our Tolar Team, who works tirelessly as essential works within the industry. As such, we are also showing our appreciation of their amazing dedication to their work by featuring shelters they’ve designed and fabricated for the selected agencies.


Click here for Visual Tour

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