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June 26, 2023  |   Posted In


These large capacity 16-ft Signature Crescent bus shelters built for Chapel Hill Transit in NC are perfect for University stops as well as busy travel corridors. The all-aluminum construction includes curved solid aluminum roof panels that support dusk-to-dawn solar powered LED illumination integrated into the roof beam. The wide 7-ft deep roof is supported by column posts with strong “I” beam aluminum extrusions and covered escutcheon base plates. Full-length wind-protecting end walls and full height rear walls are made of durable aluminum frames and clear polycarbonate panels providing high visibility for passenger security and clear sight lines for approaching bus operators, while enhancing passenger comfort by providing protection from wind and rain. Amenities in the shelter include durable Mesa benches providing ample passenger seating.

Read our press release about the larger Chapel Hill project of 51 delivered bus shelters here.

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