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February 8, 2023  |   Posted In


30 Signature Sunset bus shelters were delivered in February 2022 to the City of Tallahassee in support of its StarMetro transit services. The shelters were purchased under a cooperative purchase agreement with neighboring Jacksonville Transportation Authority.

Two shelter sizes, 10-ft and 12-ft  were designed and fabricated in both advertising (10-ft and 12-ft) and non-advertising (1o-ft) versions to meet StarMetro’s size and foundation requirements. All transit shelters include solar lighting with rooftop security lighting installed on non-advertising shelters, and solar security and advertising kiosk lighting on the advertising shelters. Every shelter includes 24-in x 36-in map cases, solid aluminum roof panels for maximum passenger shade, low maintenance perforated aluminum wall panels, and a narrow footprint design.  

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