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February 18, 2020  |   Posted In

Tolar Manufacturing Company delivers fourteen, 25-foot station platform shelters for Poinsettia Rail Station in Carlsbad, California

Tolar Manufacturing Company recently completed construction on 14 custom station platform shelters for Flatiron West as part of a two-year project to expand the Poinsettia Station in Carlsbad, California.

The renovation project, overseen by both the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and the North County Transit District (NCTD), will improve traveler wait times, provide easier access, reduce train delays, enhance pedestrian safety, and provide upgraded and more modern station amenities for a better overall rider experience.

The lengthened platform now stretches 1,000 feet to accommodate longer trains and larger shelters to better serve increased numbers of passengers utilizing the NCTD COASTER Commuter Rail service at Poinsettia Station, which is located along the 351-mile LOSSAN corridor (Los Angeles-San Luis Obispo-San Diego).

“Tolar Manufacturing is honored to have been selected to manufacture these custom shelters designed by Tylin International for SANDAG and NCTD, and installed by Flatiron, one of the largest and most innovative infrastructure contractors in North America,” said Patrick Merrick, Executive Vice President for Tolar Manufacturing Company. While Tolar Manufacturing has an excellent, award-winning engineering design history, the company also has the capacity and technical knowledge to collaborate on and execute custom built-to-plan specification projects, like the Poinsettia Station.

The newly renovated Poinsettia Station platform shelters extend 25-feet in length by 14-feet deep, providing weather-protective capacity for large numbers of passengers, which is only anticipated to grow with the new pedestrian grade-separated crossing that will allow two trains to use the station concurrently. The shelters are constructed with high strength steel and an insulated standing seam metal roof. Concrete sleeves embrace the support posts for added strength and durability. Additional shelter amenities include under roof LED lighting in custom enclosures and highly visible station signage.

“Tolar provided a great customer service experience. Their team ensured all fourteen custom one-piece canopy structures were delivered on time, which was no small feat considering the project’s dynamic schedule,” stated Andrew Beebe, PE, Flatiron Construction. “The structures are certainly the most visible feature of the new platforms and will be appreciated by the riders of NCTD’s Coaster for many years to come.”

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